Experience the nourishing benefits of tea infused bath and skin care products. You deserve it!
Nature's Nutrients For Soft And Healthy Skin 
Soothing and nourishing natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile extract, and allantoin 
Infused with tea and herbs for a beneficial boost in skin loving nutrients
Gentle tea infused bar soaps designed with senstitve skin types in mind 
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Advantages Of Herbal Tea In Skin Care
Find out how our tea infused products can help you!
Skin Soothing Properties
Potent anti-inflamatory properties help to soothe skin irritation
Helps Improve Skin Texture
Anti-oxidant properties give skin a more firm and smooth appearance.
Naturally Sourced Ingredient
A natural source of skin nourishing vitamins and nutrients
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"Designed With Your Skincare In Mind"
Designed with your skincare in mind. 5 stars! Healthy quality ingredients. Love the foaming herbal bath teas! Highly recommend Little Oliver Skincare!
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Tammy L.
Verified purchase
Jan, 2022
"This Soap Feels And Smells Amazing"
This soap feels and smells amazing! I have dermatitis (very dry and sensitive skin), but this soap did not irritate it. I love it and will continue using it!
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Joanna N.
Verified purchase
Nov, 2021

Blueberry Lavender Black Tea Infused Soap

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Find out more about our products and how they can help you get the most out of your skincare routine.
What does "tea infused" mean?
We think carefully about the skin benefits that we want our products to have and then we choose raw butters and oils that can give the product said benefits. We then pair those raw butters and oils with teas, herbs, & fruits that also have similar benefits and we put them into an infuser machine that extracts nutrients and properties from the herbs and infuses them into the butters and oils. this results in a raw ingredient that is EXTRA potent in beneficial nutrients. We then take that enhanced raw ingredient and use it to create our products.
What benefits do your products have?
Due to the infusion process, our products are extra rich in anti-oxidants, Anti-inflamatory, and moisturizing properties thatg give your skin a youthful appearance, soothing feel, and soft texture.
Do you offer wholesale purchasing?
We do have wholesale buying options for most of our products. Contact us at Customerservice@Littleoliversoapco.com and we can send you a wholesale menu and discuss purchasing options from there.
Where are you located? And how quickly do you ship?
We are located in Middletown, Ohio
We ship anywhere in the US and Canada
Average processing time is 1-3 business days for retail orders
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