About Us

About us:

We are Little Oliver Soap Company and we are here to cater to your bath and skincare needs. We offer handcrafted soaps, body butters, sugar scrubs, and lip balms. We will also be expanding our product offerings to include bath teas, bath soaks, body oils, and solid bubble bath in 2022. Our products are handmade with love and a passion for creativity. One thing that sets our brand apart from most others is the use of fresh brewed teas, herbs, botanicals, natural extracts, and aloe vera in many of our products. Our products are responsibly made with quality ingredients in a clean environment. Our customers always enjoy our products due to the balance of professional quality and handmade charm.


Our History

Hi! I'm Lance. My wife Gina and I founded Little Oliver Soap Company in 2020 out of our home in Middletown, Ohio. I had a random epiphany one day and decided that I wanted to start making handmade soap bars. Once I came to this decision, i immediately went to work on this new endeavor. Bolstered by my knack for creativity, my hobby of soap making quickly grew into a passion. Pretty soon my passion would expand to many other bath and skincare products. Gina has formal education in business, She received her associates degree in business management from Cincinnati State in 2018 and she has a knack for the business and clerical side of entrepreneurship. We've both had a long standing desire to run our own business and earn a steady income without having to punch a clock everyday. We're working towards that goal every single day! I take primary responsibility for product development, product creation, Instagram marketing, and customer relations, while Gina assists with quality control, order processing, and inventory, and in person events.  
In addition to Lance and Gina, there is also a 3rd special member of our team.
Meet Little Oliver 😊 he is the most important member of the team (at least in his mind) and he has been Lance's little buddy since his birth in 2014. If you can't already tell, he is the inspiration for the company name and logo. He is truly a special rabbit. He loves to take naps, eat bananas, and nip at Lance's ankles when he wants treats.


Our Products

Our current product offerings include handmade soap bars, body butters, sugar scrubs, and lip balms. Our soaps are not only gentle and cleansing, but we also focus on adding ingredients that are also beneficial to overall skin health and soothing inflammation. Many of our soaps contain herbs, botanicals, fresh tea blends, and/or aloe vera. Our signature soap is our aloe and clover fresh aloe vera soap. This soap contains a beneficial soothing aloe vera gel that help with irritated skin due to it's inclusion of fresh aloe vera, chamomile extract, and allantoin. The unique gentle feel and skin benefits set our soaps apart from other handmade soap brands. Our sugar scrubs also provide a nice showering experience with a texture that starts out coarse and then melts to a creamy luxurious lotion like consistency. They're perfect for soothing irritation, reducing dryness, and evening skin texture. Our body butters help moisturize your skin for a nice start to your post shower routine. We use soothing ingredients that moisturize the skin without feeling heavy or greasy and also add nourishing vitamins and antioxidants.

Our goal

Lance and Gina are very friendly and down to earth and we want our business and customer relationships to reflect that. We legitimately find joy in making others happy. It makes us extra happy when we receive positive feedback and we envision a testimonials page on our website that is filled with submissions from happy customers.  There is a scripture that we love that says, "do not forget to do good and help one another" this is a motto that we want to live by. We love that our handmade products provide helpful benefits and make others happy. Our main goal is to help young mom's  and women who just want a bit of "me time" our products can help you relax and practice self care while simultaneously helping maintain soft, healthy, and youthful skin.
On behalf of Little Oliver Soap Company, Gina, Lance, and Oliver would like to say welcome and we hope to make you a happy customer.