About Us

Our Origin

Little Oliver Soap Company was founded in 2020 out of Middletown, Ohio by Lance and Gina Hunter. Bolstered by his knack for creativity, Lance's hobby of soap making quickly grew into his passion. Gina has formal education in business, She received her associates degree in business management from Cincinnati State in 2018. Both Lance and Gina have had a long standing desire to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. Lance takes primary responsibility for product development, soap creation, marketing, and customer relations, while Gina assists with quality control, order processing, and customer communication.   

In addition to Lance and Gina, there is also a 3rd special member of our team.

Meet Little Oliver 😊 he is the most important member of the team (at least in his mind) and he has been Lance's little buddy since his birth in 2014. If you can't already tell, he is the inspiration for the company name and logo.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that we will produce high quality skin product with rich lather, creative designs, ethically sourced ingredients, and free of harmful additives.

Our Goals

Lance and Gina are very friendly and down to earth and we want our business and customer relationships to reflect that. We legitimately find joy in making others happy. We envision a testimonials page on our website that is filled with submissions from happy customers.  There is a scripture that we love that says, "do not forget to do good and help one another". This is a motto that we stand on. We also want to give back where and whenever we are able.We've set a goal to have profits from at least one soap per release go to charitable causes, this is something that we hope to be able to implement early on. 

On behalf of Little Oliver Soap Company, Gina, Lance, and Oliver would like to say welcome and we hope to make you a happy customer.